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Hello, world!

Welcome to MY brand of living. I'm often asked, "What does it mean to be Edukayted?" Pull up a chair and get this lesson. 

Edukayted really means 4 simple things; authentic, progressive, astute, reflective. Still not enough? Allow me to go in depth. 

Authentic: You are who you are. In a world full of clones, dare to be unique. Stand out from the norm! No one can be you quite like you.

Progressive: You are like the Sankofa. You move forward while never forgetting where you came from. 

Astute: You are perceptive and intellectual, discerning the smallest of things.

Reflective: You know and accept who you are through introspection and meditation. 

Each one of these principles builds upon the next. Growth is uncomfortable but oh so necessary. The ultimate aim is to be the best YOU. Way too many of us are learned in every area but self.

How tragic. 

Now that you have an idea of what it means I must know, are you edukayted or nah?



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